We are tidy up the area around the wooden roundhouse in the Mount Woodlands on a monthly basis and delivering an Agored Intro to Woodland Management course to the participants involved, also delivering holistic wellbeing sessions (Qigong) and providing food and refreshments. We want to make the Mount Woodlands Roundhouse and surrounding area a welcoming community space again for the local residents and community to use. The roundhouse and surrounding delivery space area in the woodlands has been neglected and is now overgrown with brambles. The Creative Woodland & Wellbeing Project is a partnership project with the VC Gallery, Silbers CiC and The National Park – come join us or join the Facebook group – link below.

Follow our Facebook page to find out more – https://www.facebook.com/groups/6528840650564739

Our woodland management and wellbeing session activities seek to enhance the participant’s ability to focus on the here and now, whilst staying grounded and connected to one another and to the environment. Creative work, arts/crafts and forest skills promote mindfulness and embodiment through action, helping us to effectively move between thinking and feeling and support the release of self-limiting beliefs, which will open participants to greater possibilities.

Donna and her family below all passed the Agored Intro to Woodland Management Course together, now they are Mount Woodland Champions:)

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