The project will integrate an economic-driving school employability program into the RADY (raising attainment for disadvantaged youngsters) Sixth Form curriculum at any 6th From High School for 8 vulnerable at-risk students and 2 NEETs in the local community.

The project will create and deliver a new L2 Agored qualification. The participants must complete 100hrs work placement in their local community, while learning to drive with a Grade 5 driving instructor teaching the participant an Eco driving style.

Finding the money to pay for lots of driving lessons is a struggle for many at the moment as the cost-of-living crisis continues to grip the nation. Lots of jobs require the employee to have a driving licence, meaning students about to leave school searching for work but do not have a driver’s license could benefit and find work easier.

The program, integrates the needs of the young person in order to enable them to overcome their financial barriers and strengthen their sense of wellbeing and safety with in the community and home life.

Eco Driving is a proven and growing driving style in Wales that encompasses a style of driving that leads to a safe considerate, comfortable, efficient, economic environmentally friendly method.

Eco Driving can significantly contribute to reducing fuel consumption – minimum of 10% and a maximum of 30% on fuel savings. This project, will dramatically improve the young person’s self-confidence, mental well-being, employment chances and contribute to lower fuel consumption, operating costs and lower carbon dioxide emissions in a rural county like Pembrokeshire.

Delivery outline

1-    Find and start work placement for participant – Future Works, school and Silbers CIC to organise. The participant and employer will be supported throughout the time spent on the work placement.

2-    Attend 2 compulsory x 2hr group sessions a week practising the Theory and Hazard test plus have informal mentoring

3-    Take the Theory and Hazard test when ready

4-    After completing 30hr work placement 10hrs Eco-driving lessons can be given, after completing 50hrs work placement, 10hrs more Eco-driving lesson hrs are approved, once the participant completes 80hrs work placement, 10hrs more Eco-driving lesson hrs are approved, the participant has to reach 100hrs work placement before they can get their last 10hrs driving lessons.

5- The participant can’t go for their test before completing 100hrs work placement and 40hrs Eco-driving lessons.

Each participant will get 2 tries at the Theory test and 2 tries at the driving test. If some participants pass first time, then there will be extra money to allow the participants who don’t pass after 2 tries on either Theory test and the driving test to try once more.

If the participants don’t pass their theory or driving exam, it doesn’t mean they fail the L2 Agored Qualification. To pass the qualification the participants must complete the 100hrs work placement, 40hrs eco driving lessons and attend the 2hrs a week practice and mentoring sessions during the program. 

We wish to deliver this program to all the High Schools in Wales.

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