Therapeutic Camping Holiday

Helping Adoptive families fall in love with each other

Healing power of nature – A supportive community – Finding ways that work

How often as a family do you go on holiday to a place where you feel
you and your children’s behaviour are all accepted by a community
of non-judgmental peers?
For many adoptive families the opportunity to learn to address issues
of conflict, poor communication, and building relationships in a safe
and secure environment is scarce.
We take the parents and young person away together to an uplifting
outdoor environment where they are given a unique opportunity to
build on their strengths and build family relationships.

Referral by keyworker or self-referral. This is a programme for
adoptive families. The parents may be struggling to form a heart
relationship with their child and have found that the normal parenting
approaches don’t seem to work and feel powerless to know how to
best to support their child and to keep themselves sane. The child
may be struggling in school as well as in the home and their behaviour
may seem unpredictable and sometimes explosive.

This 7-day innovative programme is set in 17 acres of pasture,
woodland, and streams in Pembrokeshire.

Our approach has been developed by parents with direct experience
of adoption and neurodiversity who are also practitioners with over 30
years’ experience of working with young people and their families
from the fields of social work, education, psychotherapy and forest
school, including developing and delivering preventative therapeutic

We understand the quality of relationships -with self and others- to
be the key to healing and change. The approach is underpinned by
attachment theories, positive psychology, intersubjectivity and the
Nurtured Heart Approach.

This approach provides parents with proven ways to nurture a sense
of greatness and inner wealth in themselves and their children by
learning to apply the three stands:

  1. Refuse to give energy to negative behaviour
  2. Super-energising success
  3. Implement clear consistent boundaries and consequences

A typical day includes:
Morning: adult’s group, children’s group
Shared lunch
Afternoon: whole family outdoor bushcraft
and land art with live coaching and support
Evening: around the fire storytelling, music, and games

Cost – £2500 per family of up to four
Deposit – £250