James Silbers “Mentor”

James a passion for BMX and mentoring children and young adults who ride scooter/BMX and skateboards and have additional Learning Needs and/or Disability by using his private halfpipe ramp and land as a vehicle to benefit their lives.

2hr 1-2-1 well-being mentoring session for £50.

We would be riding the private half pipe ramp and gardening plus doing practical activities on the 56-acre estate i.e., chopping wood, building steps, working with willow, fixing fences etc or just talking/walking.  I will be using the fundamentals of the Nurtured Heart Approach with my clients.

The Nurtured Heart Approach makes a huge difference to those children and young people who show behavioural, emotional and anxiety related symptoms – almost always without the need for long-term mental health treatment.

The benefits of the approach:

  • Understand the unique dynamics of the challenging child
  • Helps a child towards using their intensity in successful ways
  • Create a deeper sense of success and Inner Wealth for the individual child
  • Build a family/school culture of authentic connection and trust
  • End the cycles that reinforce negative behaviour
  • Live the energy of joy and success as your new reality


Improve the situation with a challenging or difficult child, and transform their self-belief and awareness that their intensity is actually the source of their greatness!