Our out of school provision was developed for children with executive functioning difficulties: the children with ADHD, the disorganised ones, the ones who are always late with everything, the ones who can’t plan, the daydreamers, the ones who cannot sit still, the ones whose report always seems to say ‘could do better.’ For children aged between 9 -16yr only.

Our out of school provision was developed for children with executive functioning difficulties

When there is no innate time-sense or organisation, these have to be developed from the outside in. This means these children need extra support that is different from that usually taught in school. Our out of school provision works on developing external supports for executive function tasks, and we do this by being active and having fun.

We have earmarked part of our 56-acre land to develop with this project. The children will be:

  • discussing ideas
  • designing part of an educational space and/or garden
  • figuring out the tasks involved and putting these in sequence
  • estimating the time needed for each task
  • finding out their strengths and weaknesses in executive skills and using this to assign tasks to each student
  • build the space
  • learn to risk assess
  • learn basic carpentry skills and/or gardening skills
  • and have a lot of fun

Meanwhile we also invite teaching assistants to come along and learn how to support these children with school projects as all the systems we use are transferable to school work.


Anita Hempenius


Delivers workshops in nature or in schools for children with special educational needs and/or behavioural difficulties.

Workshops available:

  • Teacher training with regard to working with SEN children
  • Art
  • Land Art
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Science
  • Biology
  • Creative writing workshops

Length: 2hrs, half day, full day, or half a term’s day release.

Pupil Numbers: 6 Anita only or 8 max with teacher, learning support assistant, or school Senco present.

The workshops will work on confidence, self-esteem, identifying specific strengths, social relations, and health and well-being. Anita has over a decade experience with special educational needs, adoption, and especially with ADHD.

James Silbers

James Silbers has a passion for working outdoors with young people and letting nature do its work. He has lead adult and youth groups in bush craft, educational programmes, team work, employability, creative writing and confidence building skills. He has in depth strengths in programme design and delivery.

Richard Gould

Ecologist and Outdoor Educator

Helps young people develop a solid core of nature skills, nature awareness and nature connection to enhance their lives.

Richard is inspired by the work of Jon Young in his vision for promoting nature connection, by Tom Brown Jr for his teachings on developing both skills and awareness, and by Waldorf educational approaches for balancing ‘head, heart and hands’.

Workshops available:

  • Bushcraft Essentials
  • Fire Skills
  • Campfire Craft
  • Wildlife Tracking Adventure
  • Search and Rescue Tracking Adventure
  • Scouting and Nature Games
  • Bushcraft Wander
  • Wild Plant Foraging Walk
  • Shelter Building
  • Length – Half day and full day

Shona Prasad

Sarah is a holistic educator & gardener. She has a background in climate change science, and is engaged in ecology, healthy sustainable communities, agreoecology and herbalism. She is in her third year of forest school teacher training.

For more information & booking please contact James Silbers

  • 01437 532 957
  • 07985 929 669

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