Live Wire

This innovative program is set in 17 Acres of pasture, woodland and streams near Clunderwen in Pembrokeshire. We focus on the needs of the parent, the needs of the child and the parent-child relationship.

The Live Wire Training is for parents and their children based on the Nurtured Heart Approach.

Parents learn proven ways to nurture a sense of greatness and inner wealth in their children by learning to apply the three stands:

1)Refusing to give energy to negative behaviours

2)Super-energizing success

3)Implementing clear consistent boundaries and consequences.

Each session includes:

  • Parents’ and children’s group
  • Childrens’ outdoor bushcraft/land art/ group
  • Parent-child outdoor bushcraft session with live coaching and support

Aim: To deliver a multi-family program, that integrates the needs of the adult, child/yp and parent-child relationship in order to enable families to overcome trauma associated with ACES and strengthen family’s sense of wellbeing and safety with in the home.

Who is it for: young people with significant emotional and behavioral difficulties at home and/or in the school environment and their parents/carers.

Referral criteria:
•Family have at least one young person that lives at home or there is a plan for the young person to return to the family home.

•Parent/s/cares are struggling to make sense of their young person’s confusing and distressing behavior that cause conflict and difficulties in the home.

•The young person may be on the edge of being received into care, on the edge of school exclusion (short and/or long term), have a mental health diagnosis such as ADHD, ODD, anxiety disorder, attachment disorder.

•Referrals come via the young person’s social worker/support worker and it is anticipated that the worker will remain involved for the duration of the program.

Our Approach:
This approached has been developed by practitioners with over 30 years’ experience of working with young people and their families from the fields of social work, education, psychotherapy and forest school including developing and delivering preventative therapeutic programs for families with children on the edge care.
We understand the quality of relationships – with self and others – to be the key to healing and change. The approach is underpinned by attachment theories, positive psychology, intersubjectivity and the nurtured heart approach.

We use Positive Psychology to foster a Growth Mindset and to build resilience and a feeling of safety and security. The children and their parents will be working through problem solving activities in an unstructured way, improving executive function skills and uncovering strengths and processing modalities in the children, as well as helping the parents become effective champions for their children in an educational setting.

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