Growing Inner Wisdom!

We offer access to an inspiring, nourishing environment in order for young people to have the opportunity to participate and explore that which brings meaning to their lives through interaction with the natural world and each other.

For further information contact James Silbers.

Workshops Available

Raised Herb and salad beds Project

Family members and carers are invited to participate. Creating and planting Raised beds for salad and cooking herbs, ending with a celebration session of cooking, using produce we have planted. We will facilitate a group of young people in designing, building and planting raised beds in our nursery/herb garden area over six weeks.

Day Bushcraft Essentials

A mix of accessible bushcraft activities, depending on the season and your interests. This could include: effective natural shelter building / lightweight tarp camping, fire-lighting methods for all conditions, fire by friction, finding and purifying water, finding and gathering survival resources, camp crafts, learning to identify wild plants for food, medicine, and those we need to avoid, orientation and way-finding.

Nature Awareness Games & Activities

Orientation and natural navigation – methods for orienting yourself and finding your way without map and compass. Wildlife tracking, ecology and nature awareness – improve your knowledge of the animals, birds and plants in your area, through observation and awareness. Introduction to plants and trees – identification and uses of common, interesting and important plants and trees, as well as the hazardous ones. Games for Nature Connection – activities and games for developing nature awareness, and a sense of fun and confidence in the outdoors. Scout-craft – methods, games and activities to explore the engaging themes of camouflage, silent movement, observation, awareness and trailing.

Intro to Tools use for Bushcraft & Green Woodwork

Set outside in a beautiful woodland workshop over-looking the Temple Druid forest. This is a perfect course for someone interested in getting into Green Woodwork or Bushcraft. The facilitator will teach the group about using saws, hatchets, drawknifes and froe. Plus learn about fire skills and all the health and safety knowledge you must have before using the tools and making a fire.

Intro to Green Woodwork

The group will learn a wide range of traditional “Green Woodworking” techniques. Using hand tools and locally sourced hardwood. The main focus of these 1-day course will be the making of a durable English rustic style spoon which is yours to take away at the end of the course.