Silbers CiC delivers holistic care and wellbeing workshops to individuals, disadvantaged groups, organisation, small groups, clubs, charities, away day, team bonding sessions all delivered f2f or online.

Silbers CiC would like everyone to feel that wellness is accessible to them and their family, regardless of their age, activity level, ability, or body type.

Our services include –

Voice and Bodywork Workshop for Wellbeing – the benefits of body and vocal work for wellbeing has exponentially increased during the last decade. Over and over these tools have been proven to effectively reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension as they help to produce endorphins (the body´s own painkiller) as well as reducing levels of adrenaline and cortisol and increasing dopamine. Research also indicates that supplementing mental health treatment with bodywork can be useful for individuals who have trauma, anxiety, depression, and addictions.

Biodanza – Some people say that  Biodanza is about self-development and maybe this helps to give some definition – ‘self-development using dance, movements and music’. BUT, it is not purely self development as it is practised in a group and fundamentally recognises that whilst we have a sense of our individual self, we are more realistically (and wholly) part of a wider community, a human community in which we have our sense and experience of ‘self’.

Closing ceremony for women’s wellbeing – inspired by ancestry midwifery and postpartum practices, the closing ceremony incorporates elements of massage, ritual, herbal medicine and sound therapy to offer support through life’s transitions, enabling women to better process and incorporate changes, offering closure to important cycles, and moving on to new stages of our lives whilst fostering self-love and acceptance. These simple techniques that traditionally were common knowledge and carried out by other members of the family are shared with the group and practiced on each other allowing for very deep and emotive exchanges to take place.  

Placenta and mochila crafting for womb and pregnancy health – (for doulas and parents to be): this creative and crafting workshop is based on ancestral practices of the people from Sierra Nevada. We collectively explore the symbolism, mythological and folklore elements linked to weaving, colours and planets as we trace together our conception journey through the art of mochila crafting, an art that seeks to organise our personal narratives as we manifest them though the thread and needle. Apart from the magical/symbolic/psychological aspects of the sewing, this work is carried out in a sharing circle which allows all participants to take part in the process of remembering who we are and reclaiming our ancestral knowledge.

Self Massage – utilising techniques gathered from different disciplines, this workshop seeks to share a simple yet powerful technique to recover our connection to our bodies, and open a path of true and effective communication with them. Includes breathing and vocal techniques, orrssure points, stretches and a, head to toe body work routine.

Sound therapy for perinatal health – (for doulas and parents to be): this training offers sound and song as a tool for connection between parents, babies and other primary carers. We study the voice as our most primal form of language; we creatively explore it as a tool for bonding; and we learn ways to use it as an emotional processing technique.

Power of touch – this workshop seeks to give back the knowledge of touch as a way to combat physical pain, but also loneliness, sadness, and isolation. Includes shared breathing techniques, rocking, tapping and other body work techniques that can be shared in comfortable positions and fully dressed, offering an alternative to traditional massage and improving the e way in which we can help each other to become embodied, to receive comfort and care.

Tango Classes – Feel the heat of this South American dance style by embracing the melodic sway and stylings of our Argentine Tango Classes. Learn a foundation of moves and dance with passion to a soundtrack packed with authentic tango rhythms. Interact, improvise and socialise with dance partners with elegance and style.

Voice Lab – space designed for Intuitive singing, which can be beneficial for building up our self confidence, trusting our senses and how we relate to others, and exploring how to be guided by “what feels right” in the hopes that we incorporate this to other aspects of our lives and in turn, learn how to live more joyfully. We go through simple breathing and postural exercises, how to connect with emotion through sound and how to transform this into harmony and beautifully layered soundscapes. Above all, it is about finding our place in the world, and learning how to use our very specific set of skills to create beauty and find joy with others.

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