Silbers CiC delivers a Woodlands School program – L2 Agored Intro to Woodland Management at the Henry Tudor School 3 day a week and outdoor activities in the school woods. We work mostly with the school’s Phoenix Centre learners. We deliver a specialised approach to outdoor learning that aims to develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning in woodland environments as well as a bit in of work in the classroom.

Our woodlands school provision at the Henry Tudor School was developed for learners who have been placed at the Phoenix Centre because of their behaviour.

When there is no innate time-sense or organisation, these have to be developed from the outside in. This means these learners need extra support that is different from that usually taught in the class room environment. Our outdoor woodland school provision works on developing external supports for executive function tasks, and we do this by being active and having fun.

We work with the Henry Tudor School in Pembroke 3 days a week in Monks Woods next to the school delivering the John Muir Award, general Bushcraft Skills, L2 Agored Intro to Woodland Management and greenwood work.

The learners will be:

  • discussing ideas
  • Cooking outdoors
  • designing part of an educational space and/or garden
  • figuring out the tasks involved and putting these in sequence
  • estimating the time needed for each task
  • finding out their strengths and weaknesses in executive skills and using this to assign tasks to each student
  • build the space
  • learn to risk assess
  • learn basic carpentry skills and/or gardening skills
  • and have a lot of fun

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James Silbers

James Silbers has a passion for working outdoors with young people and letting nature do its work. He has lead adult and youth groups in bush craft, educational programmes, team work, employability, creative writing and confidence building skills. He has in depth strengths in programme design and delivery.

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