Silbers CIC is an expanding South West Wales Community Interest Company and social enterprise. Our Mission is ‘Transforming Lives through Education, Play, and Nature’.

Silbers CIC aims to deliver its Mission by working in partnership with statutory, voluntary, community and private sector agencies across South West Wales. Our aim is to be a key strategic, service delivery provider and financially sustainable Community Interest Company and social enterprise in South West Wales.

Silbers CIC was established in 2016. In the past 6 years Silbers CIC has successfully delivered a range of projects, that improved people’s lives through accessing opportunities for Education, Play and Nature.

Our Values

Our Key Objectives

  1. Help disadvantaged young people and adults improve their Education and Wellbeing.
  2. Enable families to overcome trauma associated with ACES and strengthen family’s sense of wellbeing and safety with in the home.
  3. Improve clients self-esteem – increase confidence and the ability to make better choices in terms of self-care and health.
  4. Encourage community engagement, all of which contribute to greater mental and emotional resilience..

We work in Partnership with charities, schools, local authorities and public and private sector bodies.

Meet the Team

Silbers CIC is a collection of experienced and qualified professionals.

Our Supporters