We provide a fun and varied fathers and sons weekend spent learning about bush craft and the woodland ecosystem. Participants have a go at firelighting (including fire by friction and sparking); collect and purify water; build a leaf shelter and string up a hammock; learn about useful plants and do some wildlife tracking! We also cover an introduction to safe knife and saw use.

Participants spent the Saturday night camping and getting to know their fellow peers round the campfire. It was a bonding experience they will always remember!

Similar to above, we have a great cohort of attendees come along to enjoy and engage with full provision of equipment, food, and support being provided to give the Fathers and Sons a full weekend to enjoy and rediscover their relationships.

For more information, future booking enquiries or questions please contact: James Silbers – 07985929669 or james@silberscic.org.uk

Feedback from our 1st Fathers and Sons Weekend

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